Are prospects interacting with your B R A N D ?

NE TeleMedia provides businesses with comprehensive technology solutions for the mobile marketing, mobile billing, premium-SMS, mobile web, and mobile content delivery markets.

Large and small businesses, content providers, and regional carriers use our resources to launch direct-to-consumer and B2B mobile applications instantly, with access to virtually all mobile networks worldwide.

Our mobile marketing solutions enable you to deliver SMS, WAP, MMS and opt-in action banners over mobile with either shared or custom short codes, along with weekly program updates and analytics about how your mobile marketing campaigns perform If your marketing budget needs to do more with less, then mobile marketing with NE TeleMedia gives you a real-time, interactive way to extend your brand.

Is your audience  E N G A G E D ?

NE TeleMedia puts your BRAND in D E M A N D. Increase ROI and sales by integrating a creative SMS marketing campaign utilizing a short code with your current media.

Watching and listening is no longer enough. Invite your audience to participate and generate non-traditional revenue for advertisers, partners and sponsors.


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